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 Late Remembrance to Great people!

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Late Remembrance to Great people! Empty
PostSubject: Late Remembrance to Great people!   Late Remembrance to Great people! EmptyWed Jun 09, 2010 5:12 pm

It's should be noted that its be a F***ing terrible year for music. Rock &Metal have take it almost practically from the behind with the loss of the Rev and Now slipknots Bassist Paul Gray such a shame And Dio!!!! Sad May these F'ing awesome artists of our time be remembered Forever!!!

Late Remembrance to Great people! Paulgrayunmasked -Paul Gray (Slipknot) 8.4.1972 - 25.5.2010

Late Remembrance to Great people! Damn - Jimmy (The Rev) Sullivan (A7x) 10.02.1981 - 28.12.2009

Late Remembrance to Great people! 220px-Dio_IronFest - Ronnie James Dio 10.07. 1942 – 16.05. 2010

We Haven't forgotten Every artist, R.I.P All Musicians Lost Between January 2009 and Present Day You will be missed!
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Late Remembrance to Great people!
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