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 Moderator Application Template

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PostSubject: Moderator Application Template   Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:54 am


Email Address:

Your available times in the day:



About You ? Hobbies work etc.:

Can You Handle People Calmy ?

Yes / No

Your Experience ? What can you bring to the Forum?

Preferd Section ? What part of the site interests you most I.E Console Gaming, Anime & Manga, Tv & Movies, Music , Pc Gaming, Technology & Site Support?

How Long have you been with us on the Site ?

Signature: (Delete This : IE your username we dont need a proper Signature)


(Dont Send this Part in you application

SEND YOUR APPLICATION TO Spiritoffire@otaku-paradise.com )

Remember there are only a few spots left on the site for Moderators.

Replies will be through Email.
Replies will be sent to the Email you used to send the application.

After Your Reply is sent To you Your original Application is destroyed.

We Do not use Any of Your Personal Detail On the Site.
Only Apply if you agree with the site Terms and conditions found in "Main Information"

Thank you for applying.

Applications are not being accepted at the moment please keep checking.
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Moderator Application Template
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